Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Buddha Fresh

Hey everyone,
It's been a while!! Did you know we moved across the E N T I R E country?! We did. So to say things have been a little crazy around here is a slight understatement. But, I'm super happy to bring you all a product review from Buddha Fresh!

Buddha Fresh is an all-natural air freshner/deodorizer and we are big fans. I'm really picky about what deodorizer I'll use in my house, and for the most part Febreeze makes me gag. More on that later. And after reading an article that Johnson & Johnson puts cancer-causing chemicals in their products (willingly) I'm over most retail available baby products. Buddha Fresh's products use bamboo to absorb smells and they are packaged in all-natural packaging that is recyclable! On our trip from Utah to Virginia I has one on my dash, because let's be real three kids in a car for four days is not the best experience smell-wise. It helped keep our fast food odors minimal, that's for sure! I love that they can be reused over and over again by reactivation them in the sunlight-- say what?! Yes. Stick them in the sun for an hour and they are like new!
Right now they are kicking off their Kickstarter campaign, go check it out and grab some of these great new products. Your nose will thank you.